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Queridos amigos, Uno de mis missiones es ayudarlos contra el desarrollo que puede destruir los vecindarios historicos de Boyle Heights, City Terrace, Belvedere, East Los y Lincoln Heights.  Las propiedades para ventas en su área están destinadas para el desarrollo futuro. Los demócratas están apoyando este desarrollo. Apoyo mantener sus hogares y vecindarios, mejorar sus escuelas y crear empleos bien remunerados. Por favor, apóyenme, Joanne Wright para el Congreso CA 34.


 This links to the Boulevard Sentinel article that has all five candidates answering the same question.  We are a very diverse group of candidates and I am proud to be among this group. 

   I am the only one against socialism. The only one for border security and the only one with a solution for homelessness. 

Click the link for a quick comparison.


I'm running for Congress in District 34 because of many reasons, but the most immediate one is because I have a great solution for homelessness that will save us all money, create jobs and the homeless will be hopeless no more. District 34 has the most homeless per square mile and ironically, the most public resources. We can do this. We have everything we need except the organization and the follow-through. My idea is a centralized location...a satellite...a Mother Ship, if you will, that has the world's largest data bank of resources, big and small, public and private and local or statewide. From there, program members (anyone seeking help who opts into the program) are assessed, healed and transitioned to different places for care, help, training, support, lodging, employment...whatever they need to be the best they can be. If they need to return to the Mother Ship for awhile for the next step, so be it. If they are not able to live independently, my brother, Dr. Kenneth Wright has a long-term comprehensive plan for a Township Option that fits seamlessly. It's true, District 34 has perhaps the largest Skid Row in the country, but it also has LA County General Hospital, the key to the solution. The Mother Ship.

Let's put an end to homeless. Let's help our Veterans, our single parents and our troubled youth and let's build some state-of-the-art humanitarian mental illness facilities, affordable housing and apprenticeship and job training programs. Lots of them. Let's build beautiful tall buildings that would make President Trump proud while at the same time protect our historic neighborhoods, middle-class home ownership and classic architectural jewels. Let's STOP THE REPEAL OF PROPOSITION 13 to save small business and the middle class. Let's lower taxes again and raise the quality of our education. We need to fight for Health Freedom, maintain free-choice health insurance, lower prescription prices and increase oversight on drug testing and side-affects especially for children. Let's support the Trump administration to balance trade deals like his USMCA or his 75 billion-dollar deal China just signed to start paying tariffs!  Let's support a secure border and legal immigration by supporting our law enforcement and first-responders let's demand equal justice under the law. Let's defend our Constitution, our freedom of speech and our right to bear arms. This is quite an order, but if we work together with local leaders, if we work with other members of Congress and support President Trump, we can and show the world what happens when Americans work together for the good of Los Angeles, California and for the good of the world.

Thank you for your support,




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