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  • Homelessness: I have been a homeless activist for over thirty years, and I am heartbroken that our system fails to act. We have the funding, but it is being squandered on lobbyists and vanity projects; those of us with friends, families, and homes, ignore the homeless on the streets, ignore the wasteful spending by our government that could enable the homeless to thrive, since we’ve become inured to their presence. And that's the greatest tragedy of all – to watch a proud human being who served his/her country and saved the lives of his/her countrymen, die penniless on the street, while lobbyists profit off of homeless funding. Changing this will be my main mission.

  • Education: Los Angeles is ranked 46th in education, and that might be generous. Our employers demand English speaking workers, and yet we fail to provide multilingual skills in our schools, because our politicians failed to set up a system where teachers are hired on merit, rather than connections. As a former teacher, I believe it’s time to send the politicians back to detention
  • Path to Citizenship:  Hard-working, law-abiding residents who want to be American citizens will have a path. Felons, like Kate Steinle’s killer, must be dealt with harshly. I aim to listen to both sides and strike a balance.
  • Healthcare: Obamacare resulted in increased coverage at the expense of increased premiums. We must allow freedom of choice for our residents, and Socialism is not the answer. At the same time, I will fight to stop patent trolling by pharmaceutical giants, to provide scholarships to talented students who want to be doctors on condition that they return and serve our community, and work to lower healthcare costs through choice and fair market competition, rather than pointlessly promoting a program that wastes five percent of America’s GDP.

  • Abortion: I believe life begins with a heartbeat. I believe we need to do more to educate women and provide birth control to women who do not want to get pregnant. I will fight against third trimester abortions. I believe partial birth abortions should be banned for the babies and the sake of the parents. Baby parts profiteering

  • Health Freedom: Especially in California, the government is mandating too many vaccines for consumption by children under 18. In some cases the testing on these vaccines is minimal or they have proven to be more dangerous than helpful. Additionally, whereas parents used to have discretion whether to give the majority of vaccines to their children, now they will not be allowed to attend public school if they don’t take them. Imagine giving a baby Hep B vaccine before they leave the hospital!
  • Law Enforcement: I support our first responders and will write a Bill making it a Federal crime to interfere with or physically abuse National Security comes first. I believe in our security.
  • Environment and Climate Change: We need to strive to reduce our carbon footprint, but we cannot demand that everyone must buy a Prius or a Tesla. We must work together to keep our planet green. Did you know that one of the biggest polluters is warfare? I will do my best to ensure that we only deploy our soldiers to fight abroad as a last resort, instead of treating warfare as some adventure.

  • Keep our precincts local! There’s a push by the California State Government to centralize everything, centralize our housing plan, centralize our driving habits, centralize our way of life; even our local voting precincts aren’t sacred. I will fight to ensure that local power stays in our hands, rather than the hands of greedy lobbyists and self serving politicians. 
  •  Proposition 13: This is a California Measure…or rather the repeal of Prop 13 that protects property owners. This march our own California legislators are hoping to repeal it under the guise of a School Bill.  The Bill reads, earthquake retrofit, lead paint, etc. but the truth is they need to fund the pension plans that are going broke. They are planning on repealing all the commercial property from Prop 13 which will put all small and middle-range commercial buildings out of business.  This is a Califoria issue but people need to know.


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